About Us

TEK OPTICAL was founded to provide expertise in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of optical frames and accessories. We provide a detailed collection of products in Safety Eyewear, Sports protective Eyewear, and a unique blend of dress eyewear and accessories.

TEK (Technology, Energy, Knowledge) consistently strives to provide distributors and the retail sector with access to unique quality optical products and accessories. The foundation of our success is based upon the success to whom we serve.

Research and development keep us ahead of the competition.

The most important thing to remember: “DON’T HESITATE TO ASK THE IMPOSSIBLE”


TEK OPTICAL will entertain any manufacturing requests with your own designs or ours, and produce your own private branded product or product of your choice specifically to your specifications. We not only make eyewear for you, we make it specifically FOR you.

At TEK OPTICAL, we practice just-in-time inventory and deliberately do over-production runs to make sure your needs are promptly met.